Three phase converters.

Converter King Converters allows you the flexibility to operate three phase machinery from your standard single phase supply. With over 50 years experience in this field we are sure to be able to help you find the converter that will suit your requirements.

We offer a Static Converter range (SCK) that perfectly suits a single operator single motor applications for motors from 0.37KW to 5.5KW. If this would be your requirement select the link and have a look through our selection, we have amazing technical advice so if you are unsure feel free to give us a call and talk through your requirements.

We also offer a Rotary Converter Range (RCK) this is ideal for multi motor multi operator applications for motors from 0KW – 18.5kw if it is a single motor or combinations of up to 22KW. If this suits your requirements then select the link and have a look through our range you are sure to find what you need. Again if you are unsure just give us a call with the amount of experience we have in this field why not take advantage of it.

We offer an Inverter which would be ideal if you are a single motor single user and require control of the machine with forward / reverse and speed control this is useful for machines that do not have this capability used for motors upto 2.2kw.

We now can offer seminars and displays at groups and clubs please call us to book.


Rotary Converter 7.5KW

Rotary Converter 7.5KW

Rotary Converter 5.5KW

Rotary Converter 5.5KW

Rotary Converter 2.2KW

Rotary Converter 2.2KW
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Bespoke converters - If you need a converter for an application that is not mentioned please get in touch we may be able to make one for you that is perfect for your requirements. The Static and Rotary range of converters can be adapted for individual requirements so weather it is agriculture, plant, machinery, tool making, wood working, metal turning or any other application we will be able to offer advise and solutions to your problems.